Cow Tails: Millie

If she were a human being, she would be an 80 year old lady who would still enjoy all the roller coaster rides at an amusement park. She is full of life and continues to amaze me! She enjoys rubs and scratches behind her ears. Millie is top dog, the “alpha” of the pack… (heard). And everybody knows it. She can also be quite the instigator. If any nightly escapades happen, and the farmers are woken up at 2 am with the sound of what sounds like rolling thunder, but is really rolling hooves in the front yard, she will tell me that it was all her doing. (At least she owns it, right?) She will also give me that "face" when asking for more treats. Can never say no. When she came to our farm, her first name was “Fiesta” (almost kept it, but decided on something a little less dramatic.) In her younger days, she could be at the back of our woods, and when I called for her, “Millie! Come on up, milking time!” She would fling her head up into the air and come flying up the field at top…

Cow Tails: Beemer

Beemer is one of the sweetest cows I've ever met. She came to live on our farm October of 2015. Kitty, the lady we bought her from said, “She’s a talker!” and it wasn’t long before she proved it. She talks and talks and talks! She low moos, and loud moos, and grunts and sighs… she keeps me laughing! When about 4 pm rolls around, she comes up the field and lets me know it is time to milk. Sometimes it's a little early though, and I have to talk her out of it :D "Girl, it's really not time yet. You should go back and join the others." She say's something back like, "Yeah but it's almost time, I feel it!" to which I reply something like, "Yes, you got the "almost' part right, I'm waiting for my coffee to finish brewing and then it'll be time, k?" That seems to satisfy her, so she says something in cow talk and walks back. (She probably said, "OK, see ya in 10 minutes!"
She walks slow and steady and if I start wal…

Cow Tails: Bossy

She came to our farm the end of 2016. the first day on the job it took an army to get her into the parlor, and after she was in, two of us had to hold her head, while two others pressed her against the wall, while I did the dangerous part. She was a kicker, and a skilled one at that, highly trained. I won’t go into more details of what happened that night, but I believe I came away from that event with a black mark on my arm and my knee swollen. I have since broken her out of that habit, and it is my joy to say she (most of the time) comes in when called. Moving on - Bossy is my picky eater… being one myself, I can relate. You know those days when you were a kid, and you were served peas and told to finish your plate, but you just couldn’t so you left some on the plate but you pushed them around to look like there wasn’t that much left? But that never really worked, you just hoped that this time it really will be overlooked! And then there’s the other side, the mom side, where she says…

Cow Tails: Calamity

I have a cow with the name “Calamity”. Her name fits her personality to a T. Her first day on the job, (meaning in the milk parlor,) she bolted out backwards busting done the doors, took off down our field lane, hitting the wire and pulling up every post with it! (See what I mean?) she is not large, no, she in fact is my smallest cow. But I still, right then and there, properly give her the name, "Calamity”. I googled the word, and google told me it means “sudden destruction and serious damage…” to which I said aloud, “Perfect!” Fast forward 3 years now, she has calmed down quite a bit! And so I call her “Calam." Calam is my one cow that more often than a few, come's back in the parlor after I have dismissed her and her buddy out and have refilled the stanchions with the next 2 cow’s feed. She is a sneaky one, or tries to be… sometimes I witness her peeking around the corner, waiting and watching me, I see her ear and then one eye, I usually catch her and say “oh Calam, n…